Friday, 5 June 2015

A blogger, behind the scenes ❤︎

what being a blogger means
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Being a blogger, is one of the most amazing things in the world. ❤︎ Even if you don't have this hobby as a full time job (just like me) but still, it is one of the most depressing thing to be done sometimes
I thought i would share with you, the reality of being a blogger and maybe just add a smile to your face through reading how hard things are behind the scenes ❤︎. 

1. When you start your blog, you expect: everyone to be thrilled upon the idea of you having a blog. While in reality, you should spend years and years, building an audience :{ 

2. You are so excited about a post you made and can't even wait until you hit that publish button ❤︎ You share about your post on your social media and imagine that your views will go viral ... But in reality, your views won't exceed the 50 :{ 

3. You watch everyone's blog and be amazed with their templates and decide to have one of your own. You open Photoshop and discover that you know nothing about this complicated app and have no experience with HTML codings :{ "where have i been when those bloggers learnt these skills?" o_O

4. You would spend a whole week, planning a blog post this or that? Nooo this is so silly ... I have no ideas :{ *sigh 

5. Take 10384040 photos for your post, to end up with none of them is useful for your post :{ 

6. Editing the pics, is never as easy as they show you on YouTube :{ you never have that effect they have

7. You get depressed for loosing one followers :{ because it really means a lot, and you have waited years for that followers' count to be 100. While, you would literally dance when you receive a notification saying You have a new follower YaaaaYYY i made it :]  

But despite all of these downs that a blogger lives behind the scene, i am still so happy to be a blogger i really enjoy every aspect of the journey, it always makes me happy to write for you and be able to share my thoughts with amazing people like you ❤︎ Thank you for supporting me and i hope to always write what makes you smile ❤︎

Blogging is a hard job, but always worth it, gaining views and followers is not as easy as gaining subscribers on YouTube! But believe me, it is much more interesting ❤︎. don't give up

What about you? What do you face as a blogger? 

I hope you enjoyed, 


  1. I agree with this so much! Great post x

  2. Thank you beautiful Erin <3 i love you :*

  3. Hello dear Julie :) I am Andrijana from Kapege life moments :)

    I am really surprised of the quality of this post. You are so good writer.
    I also want to tell you that I found your blog via your instagram (I am @vesnikproleca) and I am really interesting to make some posts on my blog with you because I really like your style.
    So if you like my blog and you are interested in making some posts together (like blogger collaboration)..let me know on my e-mail :) My readers will love it.

    Kisses to you <333

  4. This is such a relatable post!! xxx

  5. Awww thank you Lana ;)) am so happy you find this post relatable <3 with lots of love, Julie