Sunday, 28 June 2015

Clothing Haul ❤︎

Last week, i have made a trip to the city center to grab a new pair of jeans and ended up with three new t- shirts ^-^ oppps! But i think, they were too beautiful to be carried home with me so i couldn't say no :} 

I went to New Yorker and pimkie "it is a store in Germany, am not sure if it is available anywhere else" and grabbed these 

Every shirt has its own summery details ❤︎. 

First, i took this floral crop top ❤︎. It is so beautiful on the body and has really amazing white lace on the top that matches the weather well 

Then i spotted this polka dots T-shirt ❤︎. Ahh its fabric is so silky and on the body it looks beyond perfect ❤︎. I love the collar on the top because it gives me this casual and chic style you like to have ❤︎. So it works for a date night or a shopping day with my friends ❤︎. I like also how it makes a good combination with my Tiffany bracelet.

Then i checked out to find myself in New Yorker store ❤︎. With another t-shirt from there •-• i just couldn't resist but take this stripped T-shirt with those white lacy details at the end of it ❤︎. It is so beautiful and i can imagine matching it with white shorts it will be so summery ❤︎.. 

I hope you liked this small haul, i actually don't shop that much, i love to style my outfits using the same items in a different way. But that doesn't mean that i don't buy every special or cute item that my eyes spot :p am sure you do the same as well ;) Girls team 


  1. When I see photos on your blog I am sure photos on your Instagram are not yours at all. But still anyway I think you are great person :)

  2. Dear whoever is writing this, i have never said the photos on the Instagram are mine, yet, many are if you take a closer look you would find "cuteinstgram" watermark on some then in this case they would belong to me 100% thank you anyways!

    Julie :)

  3. Wow, those shirt are gorgeous! I love the last one especially, because of the lace trim- it's so girly and pretty and perfect! <3
    Milka - ✤oohbelle✤

  4. Awwww beautiful :* thank you so much, really happy you like it ;) we have the same taste in clothing <3 i love you