Sunday, 21 June 2015

DIY: VS nail art ❤︎

VS nail art
Although i am by no mean a nail art expert, but i always love playing with my nail polish and try to create new designs ❤︎ The other day i tried to create the VS nail design and it kind of worked ;} so i have thought that it would be worth it to take a couple of snaps and share with you the process of creating this design. As long as i could make it, sure you can as well ❤︎

DIY nail art
To start, you need to paint your nails with a basic color, i went for a light baby pink one from RL De Young French Manicure ❤︎.  
After you are done wait until they dry completely or else they would be damaged.

A side note: don't forget to add a basic coat to help keep the design for a longer period and also protect your nails from the chemicals in the nail polish ❤︎. If you want to know more about how to keep your nails healthy and shiny read this post

DIY victoria secret
After they dry, bring a more pinky color. I went for the Hot pink color from Essie ❤

P.S: you don't have to use the same colors or kinds of nail polish i used, all types of nail polish can do the job :} 

Essie nailpolish
Start drawing a firm straight line on the top of your nails, as you can see me doing ❤︎. Make sure, that your hand is not trembling or else the line might not be straight as you would love it to be. You can use some white Helpers like these they would help you if you have never done this design before. 

P.S: don't feel sad if you have done it wrong at first, it took me weeks to be able to do it this way ❤︎

After you are done drawing, this how it should look like ❤︎ Beautiful, yet easy and no nail art tools are required. 

If you ever try this design please share it with me, either on Snapchat/Instagram both come under the name "cuteinstgram" i would love to see your work. 

Did you like this type of post? Your opinion is highly appreciated ❤︎

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  1. Nail designs nice and very attractive :) I really like the nail art is unique and interesting. thank you