Friday, 19 June 2015

For you my Teenage reader ❤︎

As a 22 years old blogger, i mostly get many questions from my readers ❤︎. How did you achieve your dreams? What made you this person? How did you figure out how to be like this? ... And many other questions about my life and the way i live. 
So i thought, i would share with you some of the things that life taught me  .. To be honest, i wish i have known these things before, by then my teenage hood would have been much easier and less painful. 

1. Not everyone is good and kind as you are
That hurts, but that is the truth. 

2. Not everyone you love, can make you smile as you once have made them laugh. 
Some really don't care about you and your feelings. (I have been hurt by many) 

3. Don't keep on trying to figure out what you will do after your GCE. 
Usually the plans that we make end up being changed, so live for the moment .. The rest will be figured out someday. 

4. Take opportunities. Delete the "what if" and replace it with "why not" 
Magic happens outside of your comfort zone, if you had a chance don't lose it, it might end up being your first step towards success

5. It is ok if things didn't work out as you have imagined. 
One day, you will be glad that things didn't work out as you wished because you are now happier with how they changed to be.

6. He left you, cry a bit then get over it. 
You will meet 100 frogs before you find your true prince. Don't stop your life because he wasn't the one, live your life, do what you makes you happy, the one will come in the right timing. Don't be afraid every girl has a prince out there.. 

I have gone through many situations in which i have said goodbye to loved ones and said we are over to some who i considered BEST FRIENDS. It hurted me i can't lie but whatever happened, made me this person i am today, am sooo happy that at one point, things didn't work as i wished for them to, now life is much better and am much happier. 

I hope this post could help you in a way or another, 


  1. This is so helpful! Thanks so much for the advice x

  2. Many helpful advices. Great post Julie ♥

  3. Thank you for these amazing tips,especially that quote 'You will meet 100 frogs before you find your true prince'. :)