Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Nail Polish favorite ❤︎

essence nailpolish

Although i am not a nail polish addict, but whenever i come into a new color while shopping, i always make sure that i grabbed a bottle into my basket ❤︎ I love changing my nail polish every week. However, not every nail polish i get my hands on, makes me happy; some peel off fast, others the color is not as it looks in the bottle and others, just the coverage is not that good on my nails :{ 
Last week, i was shopping and came across this beautiful color from Essence, it is my first time i buy a nail polish from them, but i really don't regret doing that. 

❤︎ First, i liked how the packaging looked like. And the price is reasonable as well, i think i got it for € 3 or 4 i can't remember, but that is cheap for such an amazing nail polish ❤︎.

❤︎ Second, the color is amazing, just as it looks like baby pink. Also, it has some type of Gel inside of it that makes it last for almost two weeks with a very little peeling. 
When i took these pictures, my nail polish was done two weeks ago!! That is insane, my nail polish usually peels off before a week is over. 

❤︎ Third, i loved how intense the color is, i didn't need to make two layers to get the color right on my nails and that is a great plus for me ❤︎.  Because to be honest, i usually mess up my nail polish when adding a second coat :[

I definitely recommend getting a bottle of this nail polish whether this color or any other you like ❤︎ It is definitely worth it especially for those who find it a lot of work doing their nails .. Just like me :} 

P.S: i bought this item by my own money, i am not being sponsored. 

What is your favorite nail polish brand? And what makes you love it? 

I hope you liked this post, 


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  2. Good choice lovely :* kisses

  3. Ooh that looks so nice! I really love Maybelline polishes because they apply really well and have such a lovely range of colours!x

  4. Nice ♥ I have this gel. Brands Essence and Maybelline New York are my favorite. ♥

  5. here's my blog hope you like it!