Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Wishlist 2❤︎15

Although the weather in Germany doesn't by no mean look like Summer :{ i have recently gone shopping and picked some crop tops and accessories to make sure that i am going to rock this summer very well ❤︎
However, as any shopping lover :p i always find that i need more and more ❤︎ That is why, today i decided to share with you some of the things that my mind can't stop of thinking about ❤︎ but my budget stops in the way for now :P until next month :)

1. Zoella's new products: 
Am sure all of you have beard about Zoella's new range of beauty products ❤︎ I am dying to put my hands on them especially the lip balm and the fizz bar "yes, a lip balm addict here \•-•" Actually am not sure if they will be available here in Germany or not any ideas?

2. Kate spade's black and white purse:
I really want one of these purses, they are so cute and i really have obsession with anything dotted in white i just can't *-* but they are too expensive so i have to wait for a while until i get one of them ❤︎. 

3. A gray cardigan: 
As i have already mentioned that the weather here doesn't look like summer, so the new tops that i have got can't be worn unless layered with a light cardigan .. I have seen many beautiful Cardigans in H&M but i just don't like the colors i need a gray one to match almost all of my tops' colors. (P.S: haul of the new stuff i got is coming soon) 

4. Knee torn black jeans: 
As they are so trendy this summer, i have been wanting them for a while now. Any idea where can i get a pair? I need them to be skinny as well ❤︎

5. H&M pink sparkly shoes: 
Ahh they are so adorable and stylish ❤︎. I want a pair but have been told that they are not sold by H&M anymore :{ any ideas where can i find them? 

6. Colorful lush product:
Summer can't be complete unless there is a lushy product used here or there ❤︎ I have been wanting this colorful piece for a while now, i have seen how amazing it pops in a bath (in YouTube videos) ❤︎. Definitely grabbing one soon 

That is my wishlist, not too long hugh :p do we have some wishes in common? If yes which are they? If no, what else are you wishing for? 

With lots and lots of, 

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  1. About the knee torn jeans,I myself have ripped a pair that I didn't like and now I wear them constantly :p I've watched a video on youtube that shows you how to do it properly and it helped me a lot (^u^) I'd really recommend doing it,it saves you money plus you'll wear the pants more than before.but idk,it's your choice tho :D