Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What's on my iPhone5 ❤︎

I have always been a lover of those videos on YouTube entitled "what's on my iPhone" i don't know why, but i feel like you get to know a lot of new apps and some information about the holder of this phone •-• 
Today i will share with you what do i have on my dear iPhone 5. I have the white and silver iPhone 5 it has been with me for a year and a few months, and i can't handle but love it more and more ... 

This is my lockscreen ... I love the basic wallpapers. 

I only have two homescreens, but they are full i tell you :p 
In the first page, there are iMessage, calendar, photos, camera, o'clock, Instagram and Phonto. The rest apps are in folders. 

The first one, includes my notes ❤︎
The second has, Snapchat (cuteinstgram) Ask (cuteinstgram) Facebook (which is private) and Pinterest (cuteinstgram) ❤︎ Make sure to follow me on all of them :} 

The third folder has, settings, maps, weather and Candy Crush which i am an addict to❤︎ I am on level 540 i guess 
My forth folder includes, we❤︎it and my blogging app, you can also have it, check how to here

My music folder ❤︎ My most used one
On the second page, i have all the apps in folders.. 

The first one is all about the blog, it has blogger (i blog from on the go) bloglovin' (cuteinstgram) make sure to follow me ❤︎ Twitter (cuteinstgram) kik (cuteinstgram) yes almost all of my social media goes under the name (cuteinstgram) 
My editing apps ❤︎ If you would like to see "how i edit my pics" leave me down below a comment ... 

Here i have the translate app and the MVV app for catching the trains ❤︎
In the second folder, i have some shortcuts from Safari to ease opening them for me ❤︎

In here i have the app store, my dulingo app i use it to practice my German ❤︎ And the Facebook pages app, to check my (cuteinstgram) page there ❤︎

I hope you loved taking a closer look at my life and phone ❤︎ If there are apps that i need to have i would love to hear your feedback ❤︎.

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  1. I get what you mean! I love seeing those types of videos as well. It is no means to pry, but it's fascinating just how similar yet different people who own iPhones are. At any rate, your wallpaper is adorable, and I love how organized you are with your apps. Thanks for sharing that, Julie! More power to you

    Caroline Matthews @ Mobility Help