Friday, 12 June 2015

Why i am an Instagram Addict?

The problem is real, i am An Instagram Addict :o but for my astonishment, i don't feel guilty and i don't really blame myself for being so :) i have been on Instagram for almost a year now, and since the moment i have created my cuteinstgram account the adventure of my life has started ❤︎

This is a collab with a really cute blogger, i love her blog so much check it out HERE ❤︎

Looking back at my year of being an Instagram user, i can point out a whole lot of things that changed in me since i have decided to be part of the Instagram game. 
At first, i should state, that i have signed up for Instagram with a name other than cuteinstgram and the pics that i used to post were different .. Ehm! Well, embarrassing a bit :p i used to take almost all of them from we❤︎it add a black boarder and ready to go. I wonder how i used to love those pictures and see them good enough to be published?! 
To share with you, here is a bunch of pics: 


So how can i not love the Instagram, when it was the reason for a great change in my life, i started loving photography more, loving the editing, seeing the pictures from a whole different angle. Even now, i have my own pics that i take by myself, i have a Blog for me ❤︎ That is Surreal, it all just started with a sign up
Here is what my instagram looks like now ❤︎

Another difference i could spot in me, is that i became happier, with every text i write, with every smile i leave at people's faces, i started to find life much more interesting ❤︎ I enjoy writing, and now i love it more because it is published for a reason making people's life a bit better
That is aside from, knowing more inspirational people in the world, following people who add a touch on my style, life, and dreams ❤︎
Even though i love Instagram to this degree, it still can be a bit bad for me :{ i am not going to lie, it affects my life in a great way, my mood depends on how good my Instagram is, you could see me really sad and having a bad day, if i receive hate messages or lose 10 followers all at once :{ maybe because i care about those who follow me and want to always be as they expect ... Well, i know many haters are there and that you can't always make everyone happy .. But that is me. 
Despite this, i will never stop loving Instagram. It will always be my favorite app on my iPhone. 

What about you? Do you love Instagram as much as i do? 
I hope you loved reading a bit of what is in my heart ❤︎.


  1. Great post dear ♥ I haven't Instagram, but I heard all the best. I think that Instagram is great. Kisses from Croatia ♥

  2. Awwww thank you so much beautiful <3 it is an amazing app.

    kisses :*

  3. Hi, I am Ivana from Serbia and I heard for you on andrijana's blog. I really like your blog, it is so girly =)

  4. Awww dear Ivana <3 thank you so much :* your words mean a lot for me i love you

  5. you have a beautiful feed!! thanks for sharing it with us :)

  6. Awww thank you so much Annie :* :* you are so sweet i love you <3 kisses

  7. Love reading your insta texts when I wake up (when you usually post a text saying good morning , same timezone hehe) , it makes my day brighter and it makes me really happy :D.Just continue doing your thing.Ps I wish you could blog more although you blog quite often:p

  8. I'm new at your blog, thanks to Andrijana's and yours collab post. I really like your blog, and the why you wtite. You are so talented and wonderful person. I'm addicted to Instagram too, but I don't post very often. I just like to see others pictures. You have amazing instagram page and you really post perfect pictures. :)
    Greetings from Serbia. :)

  9. Instagram is my fave app!When i wake up in the morning first thing that i do is checking my instagram account.This is so good post. :D
    Hope you visit my blog,follow me i followed you ---

  10. Love your Insta, it's so inspiring. <3

  11. Ah, lovely post! I love Instagram. I've only started enjoying it more this last year or so. It's a really sweet and happy app I find. It's a great way to show a glimpse in to our lives through photos :)
    Life inside the Locket