Sunday, 26 July 2015

A sneak of my bedside table ❤︎

My bedside table is one of the most important corners of my room, aside from my bed of course which i can't show enough how much i love it ❤︎
On my bedside table, i have everything that means a lot to me and i use frequently :} my table is a white one from IKEA "The Bae", i try to keep it organized as much as i can so it would be a lovely corner to be looked at ❤︎

I have some beauty stuff;
1. my Maybelline lipstick, it is much needed for my lips as they dry so fast :{
2.  My favorite perfume Happy Paris perfume i love its floral smell ❤︎ especially that now it is summer
3. Garnier deodorant, which is a huge essential for summer

4. My hair styling foam. I don't use it much as i usually straighten my hair, but there comes some days when i am really not in the mood of spending an hour just straightening so i apply some of this to let my hair have that wavy look ❤︎ If you want i can make a hair care routine and how i style my hair :) 
5. My makeup bag. I can show you also what is in it later in a special post just tell me if you would like to read one ❤︎

And HELLO, that is me in the mirror taking those pics .❤︎

Some books and my phone ❤︎
Currently i am reading Jojo Meyes book "The Girl You Left Behind" and those other two i have finished recently, but they are there to add a lovely touch to my table (as i love books way too much) 
My phone, i have the white and silver iPhone5 which you can't see it here as i put my old iphone4 because i use my iPhone5 for taking my pictures ❤︎

Some accessories ❤︎
1. I always have my favorite Danielle Wellington watch ❤︎
2. My stunning bracelet from Thomas Sabo ❤︎
3. My favorite earnings, which i wear daily; i got from an accessories shop here in Munich "I Am

That is all i have beside my table ❤︎. I still have another table for my IKEA lantern, candles and some flowers but this one is a bit more interesting as it shows a  more about me and what i like to use ❤︎

I hope you liked this post, 

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