Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beauty, books&more of June faves

Wow, i don't even know when did June passed by that i am blogging about what i have loved during it ❤︎

It wasn't that special month, but through it, i have discovered many beauty, food and books items that are my absolute favorite ❤︎

Beauty & Food 

My forever pink body splash from VS. it is not a new favorite, but since it is too hot here in Germany, this amazing heavenly smelling body spray, has been keeping me fresh all the time ❤︎ I love it. Also, this month, i have been loving the Arizona green tea with honey ❤︎. Hmm it is so delicious and a great replacement for hot tea on this so warm weather :} 

Another beauty favorite, are these two items; the Garnier Miniral deodorant. It is so good, its smell lasts for a long time (24H) and what makes me so happy about it, is that it never leaves any white marks on my clothes.
Also, i have newly purchased this nail polish remover from DM (a beauty shop in Germany) what i love about it, that it removes my nail polish so fast and doesn't harm my nails that much, also, it has a fine smell i mean it is not tooo strong.

Those two are my savers, they don't even leave my bag ❤︎ The first one is a lipbalm from DM, it is so good; it has a nice color (light pink) and also does a good job for my lips. The second one is a small Bebe hand cream bottle I love always having something to refresh me and make me feel that my hands are clean, that was the best thing to make my hands happy❤︎


As for books, during June i have been reading Jojo Meyes, The Girl You Left Behind ❤︎ No matter how much i talk about this book it won't be enough. I am so in love with the way the writer portrays the incidents, it is so exciting i can't handle not turning the page to know what will happen next. It is the first time i read for this writer, i don't know why i haven't read any work from her before. I totally recommend it. I am almost half through the story, and can't be more attached ❤︎.

Those where my favorite items ❤︎ What about you? What were yours? 


  1. I'm waiting for a fresh delivery of VS body spray from my friend, so that one will be my monthly favourite for sure :) You persuaded me to read this book, it seems to be so interesting! I love this cute bebe hand cream with Hello Kitty on it^^

  2. Awwww thank you beautiful so much :* yes it is an amazing story i encourage you to read it :) and hope really that your VS will come so so soon it is amazing and smell heavenly <3 love love you