Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How to deal with Breakouts ❤︎

Let us be honest, Acne and breakouts, can be the worst ever when it comes to that time of the month .. They sometimes get even worse than usual :| 
Recently, i have discovered some new ways that are really helping me get less anxious and stressed over the idea of having a plenty of spots in the chin area (which is so famous for me in having spots) 

1. Apply some cream on them:

Before you sleep, use a cotton pad, put on it some of your night cream "i use the BeBe one" of course it is up to you to use any type of cream. Apply the cream on the spots and don't rub them, leave it the way it is, this way the spots will be soaking the cream in during the night and you would woke up to a less red spots and less annoying ones :) ❤︎

2. Avoid makeup: 
Although it is so hard not to apply some foundation, because we feel so insecure :| but makeup makes it even worse. Personally because i too would feel insecure without makeup and a lot of spots showing here and there, i would apply a very little amount of concealar around the spots and rub it gently over them

3. Hot water: 
Some of the spots might be so tough but hidden under your skin. The best way to deal with it, is to soak a cotton pad with hot water then put it over those spots and press hard a bit, this helps make the spot go on top and vanish fast

4. Avoid, avoid touching them:
Sometimes the spots can be so bad and so itchy and you just can't handle but try take the hell out of them. Believe me they won't dissappear but they will be bigger and bigger :| #reality 

5. Know what is the reason:
Sometimes the main reason for these breakouts aside from that time of the month, can be chocolate or chips. For me it is chips mainly that cause a huge mess on my face so i try to avoid eating it a lot. Knowing the reason woukd really help in a great way. 

I hope this post has helped in a way or another. I know breakouts can be so bad  but they will never make you less beautiful ❤︎

 ❤︎ Julie ❤︎ 

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  1. Dein Blog ist soooo süß! Hast jetzt eine Leserin mehr ;-)

  2. Awwww thank you so so much beautiful. I love you kisses

  3. I agree with your tips and also we should just love our imperfections too! <3 Love your blog. :)

  4. Toller Post& hilfreiche Tipps! ♥︎
    Liebste Grüße, Elli