Friday, 3 July 2015

How to take, good pictures ❤︎

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Although i haven't been a blogger for a long time, nor i am an expert in taking pictures, but i think i have changed a lot in the way i take and edit the pics i post here on my blog or Instagram
Before i started taking my pics, i used to always convince myself that i won't every succeed because i don't have good quality DSLR nor i do have what a professional photographer needs from equipment, until i have started experimenting and playing with my own iPhone's camera to discover that i can make something out of this camera that many say it is not a real good one. 
I will share with you how i have turned from taking really bad pictures, to really good ones (at least this is how i find them ❤︎.) 

1. Clear your camera lens:
Always, always pay attention to your camera lens; because we use our phones 24/7 we don't realize where we put them or how much dirt does they catch when they are thrown here and there. So wipe it with a dry and clean cloth and you are ready to take a good quality picture ❤︎. 
2. Natural light: 
Lighting is the main reason behind a successful picture. If you take a picture in a bad lighting, no matter how hard you try to edit it, you will always fail. When you take a picture, make sure that you have beside you a big window or any other natural lighting source. If you don't have one at house, then consider spending some more money on studio lights they come in handy in those cases ❤︎
Here is the difference between a picture taken in the light and another taken in the dark:

Btw, both are not edited yet. 

3. Editing apps:
You should download many editing apps, and keep on experimenting with them, see what works the best with you and what really makes your photos pop out and what does not ❤︎

4. Take 100 shot of the same item:
Just keep on trying different angles, from the top, from the bottom or the side ❤︎ When i take pictures i always have multiple ones so i can go through many before i choose what i want. Better to have many with different angles than regretting not taking the picture in a certain way 

5. Keep on trying and enjoy:
Practice is the most important tip i can give you. You have to keep on trying, you might not succeed at first but sure you will make it as you keep on trying new apps and new ways of looking at things and snapping a picture of them. Most of all don't forget to enjoy, photography is fun for those who enjoy it ;) 

I hope you liked this post. Do you have any tips for taking photos? Share with me if you like :}❤︎

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