Wednesday, 8 July 2015

It's just a bad day, not a bad life

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No matter how we try to smile and be positive almost all of our times, we still fail to be happy about everything that happens with us. There are days, that we can't just handle what is going on, those days, things seem to fail one after another :{ but do you know, that you are much stronger? Do you know that you can make it through those days? Here is how ❤︎

1. On bad days, act like you feel. If you are really feeling like staying at bed, in your pjs, eating whatever unhealthy food you have and watching Netflix; go for it and do whatever comes to your mind this will help you feel better ❤︎

2. Drink Tea, it is a hug in a cup ❤︎ . Really you would feel much better after some hot tea added to it a spoon of honey maybe or whatever you like to.

3. Go outside, run or be by yourself in nature, it helps a lot in taking away the bad thoughts you have in mind ❤︎

4. Cry, if it makes you feel better go ahead and cry. It is good for many people, maybe it suits you as well. But don't forget to get over it after you cry it :} 

5. Music is your friend, search for that playlist that everyone has for bad days and listen to it ❤︎ . It helps

6. Read a book, it makes you forget about your bad moments at least for a while ❤︎ .

7. Wear on some make up, match it with your favorite outfit ❤︎. If you are looking good and happy with how you look, you would definitely feel better about yourself  

8. Try not to think of anything and just live for the moment ❤︎ . 

Always remember, to not worry about your problems, because things will be fine ❤︎

Hugs, from me because, 

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  1. Great post, all so true! I have nominated you for the 21 Question Tag - see my blog for more details. Have fun!
    Roxanne x | A Day In Life

  2. Great post :) These things are some times obvious but we need someone to point it out to us as a reminder :)

    Just Shae | South African Beauty & Fashion Blog

  3. Loved this post. So true, love you. <3