Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Love your body, it is BEAUTIFUL ❤︎

Loving your body and accepting it the way it is, is not an easy thing for you, neither it was for me. I used to always just look at my imperfections, bring myself down and feel so insecure. Am sure most of you do the same, but i have stopped doing that, once i have discovered that my imperfections are what makes me perfect ❤︎ I might not have that "goal body" but i have what makes me happy and good enough. 
I want you to be convinced as well, that your body is beautiful whether it is as you imagine it or lacks all of the things you love to have. How? Just Continue reading my upcoming tips below:

1. Appreciate all what your body does for you: 
If you think just for a while, you would discover how much effort does your body put in to make you always happy and alive ❤︎ It doesn't ever stop.

2. Have a list, of the things you love about your body: 
This list, doesn't have to include your weight or shape. It should be all about the things you are able to do with your body. Maybe you are so flexible, so you are a ballet dancer or a Yoga practicer; or just so strong that you can run for miles and never feel any tiredness. 

3. Beauty, is not about the skin, it is what is under it: 
Beauty is the beauty of the soul.❤︎

4. Don't listen to your head bad voice:
Many times our mind plays the trick on us and keeps on saying "you are ugly" "you don't look good" "you are not enough" scratch away all of these thoughts and choose to love how amazingly you rock that beautiful dress ❤︎. 

5. Wear comfortable clothes: 
It is a true fact, that not everyone can wear the same clothes. Whether you are fat or thin, there are certain clothes and colors that matches your skin and others that don't. It is not something bad, because we all can't be the same. Just make sure that you are wearing what makes your skin pop put and say "i am beautiful enough" 

6. Avoid fake social media &people:
Yes, fake! Many of those you see on Instagram, with flat tummy, good abs and a great tanned thigh gap are Fake!. Don't you know that before those dared to click the "share" button on instagram, they have added 103839 filters, and even done some magic on Photoshop, taking this away, pushing that up a bit and giving some color to that! Don't be fool, don't compare yourself to those fake ones, nowadays, editing apps do magic.

7. Eat whatever you want: 
Don't ever starve yourself, workout and stay active so you can eat whatever you want. If you don't have a "goal body" that doesn't make you ugly, but if you spend your life just on veggies and gluten free stuff, you will die before you live life to the fullest. You will not know how much yummy is a fried potato, or how much tasteful is a white chocolate donuts can be ❤︎ Don't eat much, but don't stop yourself from eating what you crave. Life is too short not to eat desert first 

I hope this post helped in a way or another to give you some tips on how to love your body ❤︎. What about you? Do you have any tips? What makes you so happy about your body? And what of these tips you liked the most? 


  1. Great post! So inspiring and down-to-earth. It's amazing to have such a positive self-image about oneself and allowing nobody to influence that. :)
    Roxanne x | A Day In Life

  2. Dear Roxanne :) thank you so much for your sweet words :) they mean a lot for me <3 am so glad you love this post, i hope to always be a source of inspiration for you <3 love you so much