Sunday, 12 July 2015

More of Essence, nothing else ❤︎

I don't know if you have heard of the new gel nail polish range from Essence ❤︎ Last week, i have bought my very first bottle from them just to try it out, and really fell in love with everything about it that i shared a review here ❤︎

Because i loved this nail polish and how much it lasts and  how amazing the colors are, i dropped by the nearest drugstore to me and picked up more from them ❤︎ 

I picked up a hot pink color and a base coat.❤︎ I will leave the pictures to show you how much the color is amazing. I have never bought a hot pink nail polish and was lucky with the color :{ it always turns out to be either so light or not as good when it comes to lasting for a long time. I adore how shiny it is on my nails, how pigmented the color is and how long it lasts since it is a gel nail polish❤︎
I Highly recommend it for you, they have all the colors that you would like to purchase so drop by and bring a bottle. P.S: they are cheap as well :} 

NOTE: i am NOT being sponsored for this post, all of these stuff are bought by my own money :} 


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  1. Love the color. Perfect for the summer! <3

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