Friday, 24 July 2015

My source of Inspiration ❤︎

When it comes to blogging and being super active on Instagram, you would need a very good source of inspiration to keep you going. 
For me, as i write almost 3/4 inspirational texts on my Instagram on daily basics and blog 3 times a week. To be totally honest with you, the way isn't always a floral one, there comes days when i find my head so empty that i don't even find one word to type :[.. 
If you are to ask me how do i get inspired i would say the following: 

1. WE❤︎IT:
It is my main source for inspiration ❤︎ If you follow me on Instagram you would know that half of the pictures i post are not mine, but that doesn't mean that i don't put a very large amount of time and effort  finding them and carefully picking what goes with my theme. Also, as i go through the pictures, i always have in my mind what text might go well with each one of them. Moreover, I use we❤︎it as an inspiration for my own pictures as i take ideas to create my own photos 

2. Reading: 
As i get to write inspirational texts, i always need stories and things to inspire me to write. But that is a bit of a non problem for me, since i read a lot "stories and blogs" Also, a great inspiration for my texts is Me and what happens with me. I don't have that "perfect" life so i go through a lot of problems and i need some words to keep me going .. That is when i write what my heart wants my mind to hear and know, which you might find relateable for your own situation.

3. From YOU: 
Many of you my amazing readers and followers on Instagram, come to me and ask for help or just a shoulder to cry on .. I am gladly and happily try to be there always, so i get the inspiration from you to write what might add a smile to your face and show you that things can be better ❤︎

4. Reading blogs: 
I read a lot of blogs always ❤︎ I have like an hour of my day where i set on my laptop and browse bloglovin' i read many blog posts and see what people are sharing and loving. Once i like any idea, i write it down and try to make something like it or a bit different  ❤︎ If you are a blogger i totally recommend being on bloglovin' and following as many bloggers as you can it really inspires you and your mind to write and learn more 

That is it, i hope you liked this small glimpse of what i get to do to be inspired .. I really put so much hard work whether editing, writing or taking pictures  ❤︎ But all makes you and me the happiest and that is what matters :} 

From, Julie the girl behind the screen you are using ❤︎ 

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