Friday, 17 July 2015

Skin care secrets ❤︎

Although i don't have that flawless skin or face, still i wanted to share with you how do i keep my skin fresh and relaxed ❤︎

I always like to start with my L'Oreal Paris cleanser. It unblocks the pores and clean my skin from every bit of makeup i have in there. What i like about it, is that it requires no soap and really works well in removing the makeup. 
Personally, i am not a makeup person so i don't wear makeup on a daily bases but every time i come home i prefer to clean my face with this cleanser so i would make sure that no dirt is on my face before i wash it with water. 

After i am done cleaning my face, i like to apply this moisturizer from Johnson's it had a so yummy raspberries smell ❤︎ It moisturize my skin very well, takes away more makeup and dirt if there was still. After that i would leave it to dry for a while ❤︎. 

Then, with some drops of this BeBe relaxing care cream, i would cover my face very well especially the places that i have some break outs on (which i have some almost everyday :{ #reality ) and leave it to make its wonders on my skin, leaving it glowing and less tired. It smells like coconut, ahh so yummy.❤︎

Once am done with my face i would rub some BeBe body cream all over my hands and legs to make them feel smooth and fresh ❤︎. This step always makes me feel relaxed and just ready to sleep. 
After that, i apply some EOS lipbalm on my lips ❤︎ grab my book and jump into bed, read a couple of pages, check my social media and fell asleep.

I hope you liked this post ❤︎
What about you? What do you use to keep your skin beautiful and relaxed? 


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