Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Some sweet music for summer❤︎

To be totally honest with you, when i came to write today's blog post, i had a blank space •.• i had no ideas, no inspiration and just a blank page starring at me and i totally had NOTHING to share. All the previous week's plans and thoughts i had in mind for today's post disappeared in the air. For a second i thought of not blogging anything today, but then i just can not stop and say hi for you so i decided to share my recent music playlist that is keeping me hyper through summer and always gets me in the mood of getting up and workout for a little while ❤︎
Am sorry for this long introduction, let me now share what i came to share with you ^_^

This song is on my top list i love the lyrics and the tone way too much ❤︎ 

Ahh this song is beyond amazing i totally love it 

3. Trndsttr/ Black Coat: (The remix version) 
This song is awesome for working out ❤︎ The music is so live and moving 

Demi has always been my beloved singer ❤︎ By the way, this song is so popular on almost all of the videos on YouTube

Basically, MY FAVE ❤︎

6. Mine/ Phoebe Ryan (the remix version):
This song is just A-M-Z-I-N-G ❤︎ Totally check it out. It has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now non stop

I hope i added a couple of songs to your playlist. I would be so happy if you would suggest some more songs, i always fed up from my playlists so fast :{ 

I will always do ❤︎

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  1. Love that picture! *-* And by the way,I don't know your taste but I'd suggest Flashlight by Jessie J (if you haven't heard it already) and even better,the cover of it by Bethany Mota. Hope you like it :) I've also been loving Austin Mahone - Torture ^_^
    All the love x

  2. Great choices! I will listen to your playlist right now! Thanks for sharing x