Wednesday, 15 July 2015

things u have to know about me

Away from filters, social media platforms, Instagram and blogging life. How do i act? What do i do in the time i am offline? It is true that i don't lead an exciting life, but as you are my readers i think you would like to know more about me ❤︎
Last week, as i was organizing this week's blog posts schedule, i was surprised that i don't share that much about myself and my personal life, even though, for me i would like always to know more about the person behind the screen. Maybe i am nosy? or am i the only one in this? if you share my nosiness and would love to know more about Julie (which is me :P) continue reading this post :)

1. Bees are my biggest fear; literally their sound can make me go crazy

2. I never leave my bed in the morning before i check my social media, write an inspirational text for you my loves on Instagram and spend almost an hour just procrastinating

3. My biggest fear is loosing the ones i love :{ i just can't ...

4. I am an over over thinker, i think of everything and that makes me sad most of the time 

5. My name is a small problem for me especially that i live in Germany, people here pronounce the "J" as a "Y" so i take a lot of time just convincing a person that i am called Julie not Yulie 

6. People think of me as a teenager not aged more than 16/17 years old and that drives me crazy 

7. I am a bookworm, i love reading so much and love being in libraries surrounded with book smell ahh ❤︎

8. I am born in winter but really love summer 

9. I love traveling so much, i have been to Thailand, Egypt and Turkey. The rest of the world is on my bucket list

10. I forgive people easily, all it takes is to be good to me and kind i would forgive you fast. That is what makes people hurt me and never care because they know i would forgive and forget "i should change"

11. I don't know how do i feel about my hair, sometimes am never happy with it as it is messy and all over the place and other times i just can't show how much i admire its beauty  :D

12. I am a real phone cases addict, really i can't stop spending money on any cute case i meet 

13. I get emotional so easily, i would cry if my favorite character died in a movie 

14. I have never got my name spelled in a right way in Starbucks either Judie or yuri •-• 

15. I hate all type of insects, i might turn insane if i see something on the wall that is not supposed to be there 

16. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my home, i love to have everything organized and tidy .. My biggest struggle 

17. I am a hoarder of pictures, there are 4000 pictures on my laptop and other 2000 on my phone i would have more if there was any space 

18. I used to hate writing classes at school and never thought that i would really love it and have my own blog :o

19. I don't really drink coffee or tea, except if i am sick. haha i know, i am weirdo

20. Raspberries is my favorite fruit and i truly mean my favorite. If you follow me on Snapchat (cuteinstgram) you would definitely know that i eat it daily with yogurt and no i will never get bored of it ❤︎

21. I have never died my hair, this is my original color :) 

By sharing these ideas, i can totally say that we are by now friends because you know as much as my best friends know ❤︎. So hello friend how are you? 

I hope this post could make you *-* 


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  1. You sound like an amazing person!💕 which you are ily v much

  2. Awwwww thank you lovely, this really means a lot for me :* kisses i love you <3

  3. Ah, overthinking! Such a common problem with so so many young people now days! :/ I used to do that too.. You should try to find away to stop thinking about things which doesn't really matter at the moment. But I can say, that it's a long long process and it changes just a little by little steps.

    Hope you undertsood my point:D
    Greets from Finland!^^ You are very inspirational!♥

  4. Dear Toori (i hope this is your name) i totally understand you, and i am on the way of changing and stop this overthinking that only brings sadness to me. As you have said it is a long journey and am almost half the way through it i really do my best. thank you so so much for your sweet words they really mean a lot for me i love you kisses and hugs from Munich/ Germany <3

  5. Awww I'm sure that you are an amazing person in real life too.<3 We have alot of things in common. :) Love you and I'll always support you no matter what. Love you sweetie!<333