Friday, 14 August 2015

App of the Month ❤︎

This month's app, is a special one ❤︎ It is one that i have been debating to sign up for, for a really long time, maybe from the picture you have guessed what is it, YES I JOINED TUMBLR ❤︎. 

I know i am a bit late for this, but i have never understood Tumblr and never even knew how to use it, for some reason, it felt so complicated for me and i really couldn't get my hands on it and my mind to make something out of this app. But after i have dealt with my blog which took from me way more effort and time to try to understand it, i found Tumblr much easier haha  :]

I spent all yesterday trying to build a page, dealing with themes etc. Long story short, i have a TUMBLR now and here is a link for it 

If you would like to take a look and maybe follow me ❤︎

I have named it "the life of julies" i didn't want it also to go under the name "@cuteinstgram" as my blog and Instagram name, i aspires something different something to suit me more ❤︎

There, i will be posting inspirational texts along with weheartit photos. Kind of similar to my Instagram page theme but with a different style and vibe ❤︎ starting from tomorrow i will be posting daily ;}

I will keep on blogging here, i will never think of taking tumblr as my main blogging page because this blog means a lot for me and i won't ever stop writing here so no worries.

P.S: i haven't followed any one yet on Tumblr because i know nobody there, so if you follow me i will check your Tumblr and maybe give you a cheeky follow ❤︎

With love, Julie  

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