Sunday, 16 August 2015

Blogging tips for you ❤︎

As a blogger, there is a hard journey need to be taken in order to be noticed, it is never easy, but not impossible.
Through my journey in blogging, i have learnt some shortcuts and tricks that can help ease the way a bit for you 

1. About Me: 
An about me page is as important as having a header for your blog, because most of those who read would like to have a little glimpse of the person who is behind the screen, at least what is their name and where do they live.

2. A good template:
You need a nice template, that can reflect an image of what your blog is about and what you will be posting in it. Most people, would follow the blogs that have nice templates and clean ones. 

3. Join the blogging world: 
There are a whole lot of bloggers sigining in to blogging platforms, so you need to always be updated with the latest news. The best way for that, is to join BLOGLOVIN' app, it is an app that is similar to Instagram but for bloggers, there you can meet new bloggers, read newly blogposts and get inspired on how you can develop yourself and your style in blogging ❤︎ there you will find all of your favorite bloggers and would always be updated on what they do.
I highly recommend this app, i am there you can come and say hi here ❤︎

4. Improve your writing style: 
Try to always keep a nice way of writing, and be tidy. Have an introduction, body and conclusion. Your reader won't like to read a messy blog where there is no main point for him to relate to or enjoy. 

5. Always Read: 
Read, read and read. Read for bloggers, read books or even magazines ❤︎ the more you read the better your writing style would be and the more you know about what ideas are interesting so you can adopt and write about them adding your opinion in your blog.

6. Have fun: 
Remember, when you join this blogging world, that it is too big and having a voice to be heard won't be an easy job as uploading a vedio on YouTube where millions can watch. But at last, it is not about the destination, it is about the journey. If you don't enjoy it, don't join it 

I hope i could help you a little bit with this knowledge i have ❤︎
I am hoping to help more and more, just inform me if such posts are interesting for you 


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  1. I love all of your tips. You and other bloggers inspire me to do a blog too and I hope it will be doing good.


  2. aww wishing you the best of luck lovely <3 i know you can make it, you have a very nice blog kisses :*