Thursday, 6 August 2015

Haul: IKEA and more ❤︎

I bet when you have seen the title of this blog post, you have said "no,not again she went shopping -.-" actually it might seem that i shop a lot but the truth is that i don't usually but recently i have been buying a lot of stuff because i have newly moved to a new house, well, not newly but almost 3 months ago. So still my house and room lacks a lot of items, not just home ware stuff are missing but some other things that had to be renewed with the moving to a new house. 
If you follow me on Snapchat (cuteinstgram) you would know that i have been to IKEA yesterday and done some shopping in town ❤︎ And you are here to see what i got :) 

First i bought these shorts from H&M they are so cute, look perfect on me and i just love its color 

From Accessorize i took this cute pastel pink purse ❤︎ It has Eiffel tower on it, it was too cute not to be bought
Then i went into a stationary shop and bought myself a diary which i will talk about it more in a special post later but for now it is enough to say that keeping a diary makes me so happy ❤︎

After that, i dropped into IKEA bought this white sheep rug and some beautiful floral candles ❤︎ Ahh their smell is amaziiiing 

I bought also this white tray and a new bed sheet ❤︎

That was my haul ❤︎ I hope you like the stuff i bought 
What is your fave store? 


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  1. I ❤️ Shopping by Ikea ^^
    Love the purse (:

    xoxo Ally from ❤️

  2. Ikea is my store. My boyfriend and I always go and check them out and plan our condo together when we are old enough to live with each other. <3 And love stationary and I also have a diary too! :)

    XOXO -

  3. I've always wanted to visit IKEA but unfortunately it doesn't exist in my country :( Nice post and I can't wait till you blog more about the diary! ^-^
    All the love x