Monday, 24 August 2015

Let's make school a better place

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I totally agree, those times when school days are coming closer and closer, you wish to restart the summer holiday all over again, you wish to re have the free mind you had all that time, but that is inly a wish and there is nothing we can do to stop time or change the fact of school being so close :{  

But, there is always something to do to make life easier and school a bit better. I have graduated from University so no more studies and no more school days for me, yet i have been there and i know some tips that might help ❤︎

1. Makeup: 
I know how bad it feels to not be able to apply makeup especially when you have some breakouts here and there :{ but a useful tip is use some concealer, that matches perfectly with your skin tone. don't over use it, just apply some on the breakouts and rub gently and this way no teacher can tell your secret. 

2. Studying and organization
I know that feeling when you have an exam assigned in a week or so, you would be tempted to leave the studying until last minute, but believe me, the exam won't be less harder and it won't disappear so better to start studying a bit by a bit, so when the exam's time arrives you would be ready and half way through it ❤︎ Believe me it makes it easier and your marks would be much better 

3. Google is your friend: 
Search and read on it a lot, it is so helpful when some information are missing for you.

4. Mobile and social media: 
When Studying avoid using your mobile, it would distract you a lot.  Better, to have some self timer, for example: you would finish this paper first abd then spend an hour or so surfing the internet and being on Snapchat.

5. Enjoy the school days: 
As hard as it seems, as bad as school might be many times, try to enjoy the time you spend with your friends and classmates, those times won't come back again. 

6. Never worry about marks and love: 
It is important to succeed at school and have good marks. But it is not important to be always on top or better than someone else. Marks stay for school but when it comes to who you want to be in the future, they won't stand in front of you so stop worrying too much 
As for Love, if it doesn't come, don't force it. One day your true love will knock your door and tell you am here if you are ready. Don't rush it, because school love remains in school sometimes ..

7. To be more excited: 
Buy everything new, stationary, files, books and pens they will make you so excited to rock the first day of school 


I hope those tips made school a bit better, and made you a bit more excited to be around your classmates and friends ❤︎
P.S: am still in Rome and wasn't really planning for this post, but i cought a very bad flue and now at the hotel resting to enjoy my last day here tomorrow.
Would you like me to share the pics i have taken here? They are worth it i swear


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  1. Wow! This Post was so Perfect ❤️ You said so many right things (:
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