Saturday, 29 August 2015

Rome, thank you for the memories

After a week of tanning, being a tourist in Rome and stuffing my tummy with all the yummy food, i am back to Munich ❤︎ For the first time, i am so happy to be back to where i belong, to my beloved city. It is true, i had the most fantastic time of my life in Rome, i loved everything about the culture, it really made me go and search more about it to know how those so wow stuff have been made. Besides, the food was super yummy and i haven't felt bored at all as every day of my week was filled with sightseeing and having fun in the good warm weather 
I took most of this vacation to just relax and spend time with my boyfriend away from the stressing internet life, where emails always remind me of themselves and the trap i fall into sometimes and bring myself down because people didn't love the post i have made. It was much needed to connect with life and disconnect from the internet world for a while and for my surprise i was beyond happy that i have taken this opportunity and was really shocked with how happy and relaxed i was which made me enjoy Rome even more 
But, as you are my dear reader an important part of my life, i made sure to take loads of photos and share them here with you so you can have the chance to see Rome as beautiful as i have seen it even though, the pictures don't do their job enough because the beauty of Rome can't be put in a frame but here you go: 

A classical photo from my window ❤︎

YES VS and i have bought something cheeky from there ❤︎ will let you know what on Wednesday

Thinking of how the world is amazing and how many beautiful things there are for me still to see ❤︎ #mesmerized

A Super Duper Yummy Pizza

The Vatican ❤︎

Breathtaking place ..

My Outfit on our first day, had to wear long pair of jeans so i would be allowed to enter the Vatican ❤︎

Rome's main river

An epic Jelato haha and yes mine had lime flavor hmm my favorite

Sunbathing ❤︎ i am wearing shorts for the picture :) but i swear there was a bikini under

A beautiful fountain, we had to drop a penny there instead of Trevi Fountain because it was put under construction and no one was allowed to enter, besides the fountain had no water which really broke my heart :(

The Mouth of Truth ❤︎ i have been wanting to see it for a long time, if you don't know the story you can read about it here, it left me with an open mouth and shocked mind :O

and here, just me being so mesmerized of the beauty of Rome ❤︎- ❤︎

It is my first time i share a photo of my whole bode and a bit of my face :) so no judging please

oopps sorry for the heartbreaking pictures of the food i have shared, but they were soooo yummy :)

more amazing art and culture

YAAY Laduree, it was my first time in real Parisian macrons shop ❤︎ but the experience was awesome

i picked some stuff ❤︎ hmm

all of these for ME and only ME yaay ❤︎ but by here, i was too sick that i  couldn't take proper pictures of those cuties :( ( i caught a really bad flue, but thankful enough that it was on my last day before heading back home) but i enjoyed eating them so well haha especially that pink one it tasted like Marshmallows

I hope you liked my small diary of Rome, thank you Italy for having me, i promise to be back ❤︎

Where have you gone for vacation? Would love to know

Julie ❤︎

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  1. Photos are amazaing, food looks delicious and I can see that you had great time! :)

  2. Wow! At least you had fun and a safe trip! The places are amazing and the food looks yummy! <3