Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Things i learnt being a blogger ❤︎

Yea, I haven't been a blogger for a long time, but still, through this short journey that i have gone through i have learnt a lot of things and lessons that made me change the way i see myself or life. 

1. Never giving up: 
Being a blogger is not an easy job or hobby, you need to put a lot of time, effort and hard work and still you might not get noticed. However, you need to keep on fighting or else you would lose before you even start. 

2. I love writing:
 To be totally honest, i have never been into the writing classes, i used to hate writing but now, i am so surprised and pleased with the idea that i love to write and totally enjoy it. ❤︎

3. Photography: 
My photography skills are really developing i am so happy about how i come up with ideas and ways to take pictures❤︎ before being a blogger i have never used the camera app on my mobile :] i used to hate taking pictures or being photographed even. 

4. Being loved and supported: 
I have never imagined i would have someone to read my rumbling or someone complementing me on the way i write, but now i am blessed with over than 50 thousand readers from all over the world ❤︎ ahhh i love you all so much and can't thank you enough for making me the happiest and for taking the time to read what my heart says ❤︎

5. Photoshop skills:
Through working for my blog and playing with HTML codes, which i have ruined million times and ended up deleting my blog once by mistake :( i have learnt a lot, i now at least know how to add a banner to my blog and how to add some features and am really proud of this little knowledge i know ❤︎

6. Love for fashion and beauty stuff: 
As a girl i used to love everything cute and beautiful but now, i have more attention to what i buy and what i invest my money in, at last all should be Instagram worthy or else it won't be worth buying no? ;)    

That is what i have learnt, i am really so happy to be a blogger and hope to continue being because that is what i love to do ❤︎
i hope you liked this post, tell me if you have ever learnt something from being a blogger?
i would love to know ❤︎ 

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  1. I have been a Blogger for about half a year and I totally agree with you. Especially the Photography is totally right :) Everytime I am in a restaurant or something like that and I see something nice I think like "oh you have to take a picture for your blog" haha :D but I love it <3

    Yours Elsa

  2. I love reading your blogs! And I agree with you about everything. I love to write and tell other my experiences and hope that one will find it helpful!

    XOXO -

  3. Same here about the html stuff! I had no idea how to play with it but now I know it well :) Being a blogger also helped me improve my English (since it isn't my first language) and communicate with other bloggers x Love this post ♥
    All the love

  4. I started my blog a few days ago as you know and I hope I will learn more, too :)
    I love your blog and your instagram page Julie. Continue like this and you and your blog will grow more and more :)