Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Tomorrow's location is ..

Finally, the time came for my boyfriend and I to start our one week vacation
If you have been following me for a while, you would know that we both love Italy so much and have been waiting for our vacation from work to start. We'd love to roam the world but as a couple who are working daily to bring their dreams into reality; a week of being in the sun and going around the beautiful Rome would be enough 
So, i wanted to show you what do i have in my carry on bag :} 

Aside from the clothes and boring stuff that every girl carries, i have: 

1. Some bikinis: 
The pink one is the hips don't lie bikini from todieforswimwear ❤︎ I adore its lace details and the degree of pink so much. Also, i have this blue bow shaped bikini ❤︎ I bought it in Thailand two years ago when my boyfriend and i were there I just love it even if i don't really like the blue color. 

I will also bring on: 

2. White shorts:
i bought them in H&M they are so comfy and suitable for summer ❤︎

3. My wallet: 
To have some cash there :} 

4. VS body splash: 
You know, feeling fresh and feminine is quite important on vacations ❤︎

5. Floral Sunglasses: 
Okay, so these sunglasses are my life ❤︎ _ ❤︎ I love the floral details they have around them, they are sooo cute, i can't wait to wear them and show you some pics 

6. My makeup bag: 
Which obviously has my makeup inside :) 

That is it, i think i am now ready to enjoy the sunny weather, hours of tanning, sand in my hair and yummy food in my tummy ❤︎
Have you ever been to Italy? Do you have any tips and things to do in Rome? 

For now, that is it, i see you next Sunday with some Italian pics 

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  1. I love the choices you picked for your traveling bag! The bikini is so cute! <3 :) Have a safe trip!

  2. Oh I ❤️ Your ToDieFor Bikini so much (:
    Great Post ❤️

    xoxo Ally from ❤️

  3. great post!
    GFC you want to follow and keep in touch?
    let me know and I follow back!