Friday, 18 September 2015

DIY shiny & healthy hair ❤︎

No matter what we do, our hair still seem to be always unhappy and love to be all over the place :| whether we like it or not, this is the case.
With fall creeping in and the chilly air swinging by, our hair or especially mine, started to feel more dry making my job harder when it comes to styling it. However recently i have discovered that if i give it more attention and applied some remedy tips, it makes it look healthier 
So i thought today that i would share these tips with you, maybe i can solve an endless problem for you with your hair. 
Here we go: 

1. Drink lots of water:
Water keeps your skin hydrated and so it does to your hair. I may be putting this tip out there for you while i am the one who needs to know it most •-• because i seem to forget drinking, most of the time i end the day with just two or three cups *embarrassing i know* "shy face"

2. Use conditioner: 

Newly i have started using conditioner more often, in which i wash my hair then before combing it, i cover it from top till roots with conditioner from Pantene, it makes combing my hair easier and nourishes my hair very well ❤︎ I do that every time after washing my hair 

3. Use cold water: 
It is a tip that we always hear, wash your hair with cold water it is better, but for me, as a person who adores having a super hot bath, i can never do that am sorry. But thought of sharing it maybe some or you would like that idea :)

4. Nutritious food: 
The more veggies and fruit you eat the more vitamins your body will indulge, though the better your hair will feel and i promise it will be happier

5. More masks:
Never skip doing masks for your hair, it is not less than your face or body; it requires masks and attention from you. I thought of sharing my DIY mask that i use for my hair which goes this way:  
2 table spoon coconut oil  |  1 table spoon honey  |   1 table spoon mashed avocado       

mix them well, then apply on your hair for 10 mins
rinse your hair with warm water, 
annnnd your hair will be happier and shiny 

Those were my tips, i hope you have liked them, what about you? how do you keep your hair healthy? i would love to learn from you some secrets ❤︎  

with love, 
         Julie XoXo 

Until my next gossip; 
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  1. Great Post ❤️
    I use often hair masks. After that my hair is so shiny ^^

    xoxo Ally from ❤️

  2. These are great tips! Thanks for this wonderful post♥♥

  3. One advice that some Indian friends gave me to put coconit oil during the night. They have beautiful strong hair.