Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fall skin routine ❤︎

Despite how much i adore Fall and all the coziness and fun times that come along with it, my skin totally hates it because it is always left with dryness and a pale look :{ that is aside, from the spots that appear on my face.
However, i can never allow anything to mess with my skin so i always make sure to take care of it 100 times more than usual ❤︎
Today, i will be giving you a peak of how i take care of my skin to try and make it a flawless one ❤︎
This post, is a collab with a very lovely blogger named Ally Shiny she has a fashion post for you to enjoy as well, she will be sharing some of her fall outfits check her blog here 

Now let's take you a round in my skin care routine for every night: 

1. My face: 

First i always start by cleaning my face from all the make up and dirt that it collects all day long, then i would wash it with hot water not too hot "warm" to make sure that my pores are open so everything inside is left out. Then i would give my skin the possibility to be relaxed by using this Bebe cream that i adore it always makes my skin feel fresh and relaxed ❤︎
You can find it here 

2. My Body:

Recently i have been to Victoria Secret body shop after my vacation in Rome, and picked up this heavenly smelled body lotion Ultimate Flirt in the smell Vanilla flowers & sparkling plum. I can't express how amazing this product is, it has a very lovely smell and always add a silk touch to my skin that no body lotion has ever succeeded in that. What i love the most about it, is that it includes vitamins and butter, which is super super good for my skin

3. My lips & Hands: 

And now, as i am all done with my face and skin, am all ready to show some love for my hands and lips.
For my Hands i use the Sephora pink hand cream in the smell Cotton Flowers, it smells amazing and has an awesome work when it comes to my dry hands you can find it here. It is even better than the Nivea cream that i used to never live without before. 
My lips; i always make sure to spoil them with the Strawberry Sorbet Eos lip balm.❤︎ It is the best in fixing chipped lips and keeping them shiny.

After that, i would be so ready to hop in my warm bed and enjoy a bunch of Gossip Girl episodes ❤︎
I hope you liked this post, what about you? What do you use to keep your skin glowing? 

Your bestie,

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  1. Love your post ♥ I heard so much about the Bebe Cream (:
    So beautiful pics, I'm SO happy with our collab ♥

    xoxo Ally from ♥

  2. beautiful blogpost (: ♥
    Our blog:

  3. Thank you lovelies :* it means a lot <3