Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Grow your blog audience ❤︎

With the rapid fast growing of the blogging world, it is hard to have a voice of your own and be heard. That is why, even when you have your very own blog and ideas that are unique for your own style, you will still feel unnoticed and not given enough credit for what you do and for the great and hard work you put in. However, despite every obstacle you might face, there is still a space for you to share your thoughts out loud and be unique. 
Growing up your audience is the most difficult part in blogging, even more difficult that creating your own template, for the latter there are many videos and blog posts to help you make it, while for how to grow your audience, no one seems to share their secret aside from the fact that there is no manual book for that because the blogging world, doesn't have a fixed rule for you to follow, it all depends on your imagination and hard work. 
But, for every rule there are some shortcuts that can help you reach your goal, and am here to share with you some of my own secrets that helped me bring my blog to where it is now, even though it is still far from being that successful but no matter what, i still call it my baby and love it more than anything else. 

1. Have your own style: 
If you love beauty, then write about it if you love fashion and sharing thoughts about life then, base your blog upon that. You don't have to write about everything to be successful, because if you write about things that you yourself don't like but just because some people write about so ... this won't take you anywhere except for failure. 

2. Join Bloglovin': 
If you are a blogger and have never joined the bloglovin' world, then you are 100% missing a lot. This app is like Instagram but for bloggers, once you join it you give the chance for your blog to be discovered more and allow yourself to know more bloggers who can inspire you and help you grow your blog in a special way. As you will be always inspired and always keep up with what is trending for people and what topics do they enjoy. The app is easy to be used, as a starter you can follow me here. 

Here is how the app looks from the inside. The explore button act as your best friend, through it you can find many new bloggers and different posts. As you can see, you have your own user and your own blog, people can choose either to follow you or your own blog and also you can save people's posts for an inspiration when your blogging mind decides to block and forget every idea you have thought of before :| . 

3. Update more often:
People don't like to follow a blog that update once a month. It is not necessary to blog everyday but at least do your best to blog once a a week so people can find something to read when they come back. 

4. Read other blogs:
Don't isolate yourself, read other bloggers' posts, they will always be an inspiration for you and if you leave a nice comment with a link to your blog at the end, people will maybe click that link and check you out. Voila you gained some views yaay.

5. Be yourself: 
No matter how much i stress on this point, it won't be enough. You need to act as yourself, don't try to be like any other blogger because no matter what, you will always be you and she will always be her. People follow for your own uniqueness not for what you copy from others. 

Don't forget to enjoy 
Blogging is an amazing hobby for those who love it
It is not about the amount of views and followers you have it is about you having fun and loving what you do 

Your all time best friend, 
Julie xoxo 

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