Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Perfect Imperfections ❤︎

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When i first started blogging i have always believed that all those who will be reading my blog, should be my friends and that i will be sharing all my secrets and the things that only those who truly know me have an idea about.
As a blogger, i truly believe that sharing some of what happens behind the scenes is quite important, and part of behind the scenes of a blogger's life is a whole bunch of mistakes and failures that we struggle to show as perfect online. However, as i consider you my best friends, it is nice to be here today and share with you some of the things that i am not perfect at by no mean, maybe after you read this post you will find out that we can be friends since we share the same failures ;} 
Let's begin: 

1. I have never loved my hair: 
My hair is a fizzy and wavy one in nature. It might be a bless to have such a hair but for me, i always struggle when styling it and that drives me crazy always. 

2. I have never applied eyeliner right: 
I always struggle in this :( i don't know but it never works for me, i either miss the line or just end up washing it off because i think my eyes look so small after i am done. 

3. I never succeed in DIYs:
Haha, you may laugh at this but i don't know why i find those DIYs hard and i always fail when trying to recreat them. Anyone like me? 

4. I am SO bad in math: 
Like really sooo bad •_• but i don't really mind it as long as i can do the simple math equations to get through life daily conversations at a supermarket or whatever. 

5. Serious addiction for cases. 
If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, both "cuteinstgram" you would know how much i truly adore cases and no matter how many i have, i always look forward to buy more and keep on changing them constantly. 

6. I have a lot of baby hair: 
And that truly drives me crazy :{ really, especially when i try to have it all up in a pony tail or bun, the sides of my hair go fiizzy and there is no way i can keep it in place. 

7. I always look younger:
Or better to say this is how people see me, a lot of times i have been put in situations that really make me turn red just because some asks me "excuse, but you look young for this" or "haa really? you are 22? never!! you look as a 15 years old girl" -_- i swear, i don't look that young but for some reason that is how i look to them.
8. I turn into a bloody red tomato if..
I am shy :$ hehe, really it happens a lot and because i have a light skin or i might better call it a blond skin, if you know what i mean "for more reference see my profile picture on this blog". Anyway, if i feel shy i would turn red and when i feel the redness burning out i start to feel even more red :{ 
9. Spots & acne
 They are always somewhere on my face, they seem to love it :{ even though they are not so showing but i feel them under my skin and that annoys me.
Those are the things that i think you should know about me, it is important that you know more about the girl behind the screen because we are friends aren't we?
Don't forget to tell me what are the things that you think are your imperfections, would love to know about you.And remember, our imperfections are what makes us US, that is why i love who i am and how i look. 


Until my next gossip; which will be "How to make your room a cozy autumnal one" next Friday,
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  1. 2&6 I feel you. :D Hehe, have a good day! <33

  2. I freaking love your blog, your instagram and yeah, probably everything about you :) thank you for being so inspiring :)

    Christina ♥

  3. Awwwwwwww Christina :o thank you so so much you have melted my heart with your super kind and lovely words i love youuuu :* <3 kisses and hugs

  4. Absolutely love reading your post, will definitely come back for the next post! If you like to follow each other, let me know! I'll definitely follow back once you did! Kisses Ashon

  5. i am so jealous of you! you are such a good blogger! i always failed!! but i really love your IG account:)

  6. Dear Cupcake Princess, don't say that you are so sweet and am sure you are better even than me, you've got just to believe in yourself and work for your blog. I love you so much thank you for your amazing words, kisses

  7. I really like this post. You're an amazing blogger.