Wednesday, 2 September 2015

That overwhelming world ❤︎

When i signed up for Instagram last year, i have never knew that what i am signing up for, will be one of the most important yet addicting aspect of my life. I was so happy with how much i have changed and how much i have achieved, until lately, i have discovered that this world started to be filled with much hatred and competition; everyone is trying to have a piece of the cake; of being successful and being a part of this awesome world. 
That is when, unfollowers started to increase and many bloggers started to appear. I am not against everyone having their own page where they express their feelings and thoughts but i am totally against those, who tend to bring down us who work harder than ever to keep our work going. Some people can't understand how much effort it does take to wake up everyday and create a text out of a blank page on Instagram, and how much time do i spend to collect all the photos that i post there since not all are mine. That is the case for me at least. 
I don't seem to be that much happy with how in return i get appreciated, it is not about the followers and it will never be, but when you reach a milestone, and just because you have reached it, immediately there will be people leaving comments "you made it :|" "70K already" with loads of emoji that show their annoyance, that is aside from the huge amount of unfollowers that will race to bring the number down as much as they can. That explains why i am back to 69.8K!
Again, for me it is not about the followers but about how much i am sad to see this hatred floating around here and there just because someone worked hard and made it. I am writing this post just to say what my heart feels and also, to let you all know that the road isn't rosy all the time and on this side it is not greener than your side, if you are in this i am too, don't feel alone. 
I have debated to make this post for almost a week, kept on hitting the button publish then immediately click revert to draft, because i don't know if everyone will understand me .. but then thought, that i always tend to have a personal posts here and there on my blog because i want you to know more about what happens in my life behind the scenes so why not let you know about this maybe you are going through something like this and feel you are not alone just by reading my post

At last, i would like to add, that nothing can stop me from being there on Instagram on daily bases,writing my inspirational texts and making you who love and support me more that i even thought, smile and be happy ❤︎ after all:  


i want you to believe in this as much as i do ❤︎


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  1. Was für ein toller Post, der Text ist wirklich toll! Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg ❤︎

  2. I agree with you girl. It's sad to see that happening. They just... *sigh*