Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ways to relax & unwind ❤︎

When it comes to stress, everyone of us seems to have their share, whatever the reason was, school, homework or even life itself being tough on you :( 

I strongly believe that meditation and relaxing is so important, we need that time for ourselves to just be and do nothing nor think of anything. Even if i say it, i know it is so hard to disconnect, we can't but be active and online all the time for anything might happen in any second .. 

Recently, i have taken the decision for myself, to listen to my body more, to just be in the moment i am in and to relax more often away from the internet and social media. 
So i thought i would share with you what i do to relax: 

1. Coloring: 

Yes i color, and no it is not only for kids. There are many coloring books on Amazon and libraries for adults; those books are made for you to just focus on the drawing and be as much creative as you can, for this affects your mood and does make you happier. 
I have been coloring just for two weeks now and every day i find myself looking forward for this time of my day where i put in some music and color and be creative while being offline from the internet. 

2. Focus on your body: 

Light a candle, be as much cozy as you can and run a bath. Spoil yourself and do a total skin care ❤︎ Believe it or not, you will feel much nourished and much happier about yourself and your skin you will even feel lighter ❤︎

3. Keep a diary: 

It is so hard to keep a diary and i totally agree on that. But a diary, can always be there when you are so tired and so stressed out, it hears you and keeps your secret and promises that no one will ever know what you have told it, in other words it is your best friend ❤︎ It understands and makes you feel much much better Try it 

4. Do sport: 

Any type of sport can help. It makes your mind only focus about your body and the music that you hear whilst you do any type of training. For me, whenever am stressed out or so down, i take my bike and go for a ride. I only focus on my kegs that start to feel sore and at the rode in front of me, this helps me soooo much to just focus on the road and keep on pushing so when i am home, nothing is in my mind anymore. 
just let us take a moment to appreciate this fall scenery infront of my house *-*

5. Remember to breathe: 

You are alive, you are breathing and that is sometimes enough. It is not always we can get our hands all over everything. Somethings happen and we can't change anything about the fact that they happened. Stop worrying, things will be fine. BREATHE ... 

I hope you liked this post. What do you do to distress? I would love to know your opinion .❤︎



Until my next gossip; 
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  1. Thanks for your tips ! They're really useful !
    Much Love, Oihanasymphony.

  2. Great tips, thank you for sharing! I really want to try one of those colouring books x