Friday, 11 September 2015

Your source for fall inspiration

Fall is not like any other season, it requiers some inspiration to fall in love with it just in the right way. 
For the inspiration, you know you can always rely on me :} that is why, 
I came today with what can make you fall in love with this season, more than anytime else 

First, let me start with 
Things to do: 

1. Read books: 

Nothing equals a day in your warm house, a book in your hand and an amazing view of your backyard trees turning into a golden magical look 
for some book inspo, you can relate to my previous post here 

2. Light candles: 

What is better than a house with the smell of autmn and spice pumpkin ahh that is what heaven is all about am sure 

3. Tea, Spice latte & warm knits:  

Nothing in the world can be compared to such a situation; of you on your couch drinking your favorite drink and watching Netflix while being cozy ❤︎ Ahh 

4. Some wallpapers: 
Don't worry, i haven't forgotten your beloved phone, it too deserves some change, i came for you with loads of wallpaper to enjoy:

P.S: to download those photos, you can check my blog here on bloglovin', open this post there and click on the photo you want to download, press on it, there will appear for you the option of saving the image ❤︎
Because you can't download images from my blog for some reason :( no worries you still can open the link and save the images even if you don't have the app bloglovin' 

I hope this post inspired you a bit, and made you happy to start this Fall even if it means a GoodBye for summer 

Cheers to this coming fall with a huge cup of Tea, 
 Julie . 

P.S: all photos in this post where taken from WE❤︎IT 

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