Friday, 23 October 2015

A sneak into my morning ❤︎

Well, well, well .. This is my first time ever that i do a morning routine, and as long as it is a blog not a YouTube Video am not sure how much good it will be .. But still, i wanted to do something that you my beloved readers would enjoy ❤︎
So here we gooooo 

I might not be an early bird, but i am a real morning person. I know you will hate me for this but i really don't stay in my bed for more that 5 mins after i open my eyes. I wear my comfy shoes, check my phone, write an inspirational text for you on my Instagram and then head to prepare breakfast ❤︎ Of course i brush my teeth first. 

My breakfast usually consists of, 
A vanilla taste tea 
A bunch of chocolate biscuits or anything else sweet 
Whilst i eat this unhealthy but sooo yummy breakfast i check my social media platforms: 
Snapchat: "cuteinstgram" i always love chatting with you there 
Instagram: "cuteinsgram" my ultimate fave app 
Bloglovin': check me here as Gossip by Julie, i follow a lot of bloggers that i usually enjoy reading their posts as well as preparing for my upcoming post ❤︎

Then i wear this cute band on my hair to keep it away from my face to wash my face with warm water, then apply gently this cream because to be honest i have been suffering a lot from black spots under the skin and many other spots i am so desperate about them :( do you have some like me? Please share me with your tips ❤︎I have been using this cream for a week now but not so sure if it is good enough i need more time to find out, i hope it will be a good one though :( my skin needs help. 

After i am done, i would apply some make up ❤︎ Usually i am not a makeup person so i just go for a bit of Mascara, some foundation and a bit of blush then some lipstick to complete the look ❤︎ And am DONE .. 

Even if i am not leaving the house that day, i love dressing up and changing my clothes even if that meant yet another comfy pj oppsss but at least i will change and feel more ready to start the day ahead ❤︎

Me as JULIE, i leave the house usually in the evenings as i go to either shopping for food or clothes or to spend my evenings with my friends ❤︎. I would like to put leave a piece of info here "i don't go to school, i am 22 years old girl, i have graduated from University and now i work in the field of research and editing texts and researches as this is what i have studied... In addition to being a full time blogger here on my favorite place on the Internet ever❤︎"

Thank you for being here and reading, you all mean a lot for me

With loads and loads of love, 

Until my next gossip;,
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