Friday, 2 October 2015

All about my Cozy bedroom ❤︎

I don't know about you, but for me i don't feel the spirit of fall or coziness unless my room is all cozy and smells autumnal "if that is a word" let's pretend it is and start immediately with the tour in my cozy room: 

First, i have started with adding some hot pink cushions and a warm gray blanket at the end of my bed, since i usually must have some sort of pink on my bed and room in general even if it wasn't a season for bright colors. 

My bed feels super cozy with those cute stuff on it ❤︎ I will be also decorating the top with Christmas lights but my amazon order hasn't came yet and this post should have been published before it is too late :(

Then, it was the time to add a bit of touch to my bedside table; usually i have a mess of my makeup items and some bright flowers with a book and a hand cream. This time around, i have left the flowers because i love to have a touch of freshness to my room "even though they are not real" opps i know you can keep a secret .. Ehm. Anyway, i have also made sure to keep two candles for me to light once i get into my room to spend the whole evening smelling autumnal smells and enjoying whatever i am up to❤︎

To make the scenery a bit more dark i have added my Sephora bag and my Thomas Sabo bracelet box, since they Are black they would add this dark theme to the burst of pink boxes and lipsticks. No shame pink is my fave color❤︎

A thing that i do always, is spending the time on my Macbook watching series or YouTube videos. Which also means, that my laptop should have its share and be a cozy one so should my headphones be. So, i have..

Put a marble case on my Macbook from @gmyle_us and replaced my cold apple earphones with those super warm and high quality headphones so i can hear well and be super cozy whilst i listen to whatever i want.

Then, it was the time, to do a seasonal change for my closet, that means ..

I took out all my autumnal clothes, sweaters, plaid scarves, knits and all those cozy things. 
A tip i would like to share with you, is this, keep any fragrance or body splash with the lid opened in your closet so it would be full of your scent, giving you a fresh start in the day when you get up to dress for the day ❤︎

Another tip i would recommend you follow when you arrange and organize your Wardrobe, is to mix between the colors of your sweaters or shirts, keep a distance between those that have the same color so you can notice them more. Also, every time you wear one, put it under the rest so you would know that there are other options to go to next time you leave the house, psstt it will make the problem "i have no clothes" a bit more less and your wallet a bit more richer ❤︎

What are your tips for a cozy bedroom? How do you style your room for fall? Would love to know more ideas ❤︎

XO, Julie 

Until my next gossip;,
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  1. I love how pink your room is, so pretty!x

  2. This is so cute!! I love your bedroom and how autumnal you've made it!!

  3. Your bedroom really looks so cute with a pinky color! I love it and thanks for sharing!

  4. I love what you've done for Autumn, it's so pink, pretty and cosy! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge