Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Beauty tips make life better ❤︎

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Hello my lovely readers, i know i have been talking a lot about fall but that is just because this is my favorite season ever ❤︎ It might seem cliche but that is just the truth; for me i hate when the weather is too hot or too cold that is why fall and spring might be the best seasons. I am truly so thankful to live in a city where those two seasons are available and we get to live them truly 
This post is a collab with an amazing blogger,check her blog here  for some Starbucks drinks DIY and a whole lot of inspiration for fall ❤︎
As for me, I will share with you some beauty tips that will make this fall way more special, much easier for your skin and more attractive when it comes to your makeup and skin glow.

Tip No.1: 
Hand creams are essential. If you are like me and your hands start feeling dry, don't forget to always have a tube of your favorite scent in your bag, on your bedside table and in your bathroom. Because we all forget our hands so they get sooo dry without us noticing, this way you will be reminded at any time to take care of them. This tip applies to your lips so make sure to have your lipstick beside the hand cream bottle. 

Tip No.2: 
Don't neglect your skin. If you are so tired to make a full skin care for your face, then at least apply some night cream before you sleep. In fall it is well known that spots are more likely to appear so some cream every night and a full skin care on weekends might make this problem a bit less common. We all hate spots let's face it "sad face here" 

Tips No.3:
If you are going for a dark lipstick, make sure that the shadow on your eyelids is a bit light, or vice versa. You don't won't to have much make up on your face that your beauty is hidden under it ❤︎

Tips No.4: 
If you don't like dark nail polishes but still love to have some darker shades, there are many options for you from Essence & Essie that can come in handy. They are not too dark yet not too bright just suitable for fall.

Tip No.5: 
If your tan has started to fade slowly, and you are not a fan of fake tans here is a so easy natural DIY:  
1. Coco powder
2. Body lotion
*mix them together and apply on your skin, it will feel darker and smother

Tips No.6: 
Avoid going so fancy when styling your hair. Because at this time of the year the weather is either too windy or rainy so your hard work would be gone with the wind once you are outside. Braids come in handy and are so cute 

Tip No.7: 
If you decided to go for a pony tail instead of a braid and your baby hair decided to go crazy. Hashtag: storyofmylife. Just grab a clean tooth brush and a spray, spray some on the tooth brush and comb the hair up to where it should be in the first place. Voila your pony tail is on fleek ❤︎

That is it, i hope you liked this post and it has taught you something new. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments section so i can learn from you. We are friends and your opinion is appreciated and much loved ❤︎. 


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