Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fall recent favorites ❤︎

Woo i have just noticed that i haven't done a favorites post in a while, even though i know you love them my sweeties, but as a normal girl who doesn't lead that interesting life, i don't find a lot of things to blog about every month as a favorite :{ However, since it is a new season, my closet needed a refreshment which made me go shop some new items that have became my ultimate fave ❤︎

1. Warmers: 

burberry scarf

By warmers i mean, cute stuff to keep me warm in this holy freezing weather. So i got;
A hat: Accessorize 
A scarf: Accessorize. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it? And realize that it looks a lot like Burberry scarf but doesn't at all cost a bargain as the real one does? I love finding gems like these ❤︎
Bear Gloves: accessorize 
Pastel Pink Knitted Scarf: also accessorize 

2. Cute bling bling: 

Infinity Bracelet: I Am 
Lovely earrings: a pearl pair and another gold rose shaped pair also from I Am

Pink and gold earphones: ahh i am soo in love with them ❤︎ Got to give a huge and special thanks to Sudio Sweden company for sending them to me. They added a huge sparkle and touch to my style. If you would like to have ones like these you can pamper yourself with one of these earphones so we can twin click here. P.S: those are for apple devices, but you need to worry not since they also have for other devices and in a variety of colors in case pink is not your option. 
If you would like to have a full read of the earphones review and what makes them super special, swing by here 

3. Entertainment and special deals: 

When it comes to reading, i am more of a books person not a magazine one. But, when an amazing magazine like "Glamour" has that deal of offering a Chanel lipstick, i won't dare to say no haha. So i bought this magazine and got a Chanel lipstick for free, i can't be happier because i have been crushing on such an amazing lipstick for a very long time hut never have bought one because, to be honest i prefer spending my money on a good quality makeup but not with that huge price. I bought This magazine in a book store here in Munich, i am not sure it is available somewhere else.

A glitter case: 2amaccessorise 
And a game: i have never been obsessed with iPhone games; but that it not the case when it comes to the Kardashian game it is soo much fun. You become a pop star who attends a lot of photo shoots, buy clothes and travel a lot. You need to complete your missions to make it to the next level i recommend it but don't say i haven't warned you "it s addicting.. 

I hope you liked this post as much as i did writing it ❤︎ What are did you like the most?

Until my next gossip;,
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  1. I love the Burberry look-a -like scarf <3 Want one like that as well

  2. Thank you beautiful Eva <3 it is from Accessorize as i have mentioned :* love uuu