Friday, 30 October 2015

Let's make Apple's apps useful ❤︎

The apple apps, those apps that with every IOS update increase more and become less useful. As if they are there just to take more and more of our space. But not anymore ... As i have recently found some usefulness for two of them, it might not be enough but still, better than nothing. 

If you have tuned in to see what recent apps i have been loving, you are not mistaken, this post is about that as well as a bit about how to use those apps that apple decides we need while not that is exactly what we think.

Here is a screenshot of my most favorite apps aside from the obvious ones as Instagram and blogger ❤︎

I would start with the two apple apps that i have been weirdly enough loving lately:

1. Podcast: 
I have been enjoying listening to many podcasts, many that i learn from tips for blogging such as the "pro blogger" podcast. This podcast is amazing i highly recommend listening to it if you ever think of bringing your blog to a next  level. Also i listen to many other ones that calm me down and give me tips about life. Just a piece of information there are many podcasts you can choose whatever goes with your style, hit the search button and enjoy the variety of things that show up. Also, a good thing to mention is that you can download the podcast for later listening, i thank apple for that feature. ❤︎

2. News: 
This app is amazing if you love reading magazines. It has all types of magazines, seventeen, you, glamour ..etc. you can save some for reading offline and some as your favorite so it always send you a notification whenever a new article is published ❤︎

3. Google Drive: 
Even though i had bought a new iPhone with 64GB but that doesn't mean that i won't be in need for more space oppps. What can i do? I take a lot of shots and photos and love to keep all of them, if you are like me, here is a good solution; Google Drive provides you with 15GB to fill with pictures, texts and songs and what is a plus about this app is that you can have it on both your phone and laptop so you can download or upload from any of them at any time.

4. Bloglovin':
This app will always be a  fave of mine, because on it i read for my favorite bloggers, i find new bloggers and get inspired for some more and new blogposts. Check me here if you like :) 

5. My app: 
Or to be more precise let me say my bookmark, i have it on my device to ease opening my blog❤︎ If you would like to have one, check this post here so you know how to download. P.S: it takes no space 

6. Snapchat: 
I Think you are familiar with this app. But i mainly love it because it allows me to chat with you, snap for you some details of my life and what i am up to on a daily bases ❤︎ If you would like to follow me just type in "cuteinstgram" 

7. Kimkardashian game: 
I have talked about this app before here but since then, nothing has changed but i have been more and more obsessed. I recommend it ❤︎

I hope you liked this post, and have knew about some new apps,
Let me know what your favorite apps are so i can download them too.


Until my next gossip;,
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