Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sweater Weather Love ❤︎

Tags, can be the best posts for you to know more about me, the things i love in addition to some secrets from here and there ❤︎
So today's tag is under the name "Sweater Weather Tag" in which i will be answering questions about Fall and what are things that i do and love about it. 
Bring your cookie and the hot chocolate & enjoy having a peek into my life. 

Favorite Candle smell? 
I have so many favorites, because candles are everything when it comes to the cold weather. But if i have to pick one, i would say "The Vanilla Chai" it smells like heaven and always radiates warm feelings, not to forget that Vanilla is my favorite smell and taste in food and hot drinks. 

Coffee/ Tea or Hot Chocolate? 
Without any doubt or double thinking my answer is •HOT CHOCOLATE• with a bunch of Marshmallows please *-* 

The best fall memory you have? 
Walking outside or riding my bike and watching the leaves turn into gold then fall to the ground. Best feeling ever ❤︎

Wing liner or dark lips? 
If you have been following me for a while and have read this post, you would totally know by now that i suck at wing eyeliner art, so i would go with dark lips :} 

What are you on Halloween? 
Hmmm not so sure yet, but might wear a dress and have some Minnie ears on my head,what will you be?

What puts you in the spirit of Fall? 
Definitely decorating my room and turning it into a cozy place for me to spend the evenings in, you can see how i made my room feel and look like so here. Also, i would watch Halloween movies and drink lots and lots of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte every time i am out shopping ❤︎

How is fall like where you live? 
In Munich/ Germany where i live, Fall is awesome, it means golden tress, leaves everywhere, the weather is a bit cold so that calls for chunky scares and some sweaters ❤︎ But you won't see me complaining because i am beyond thankful to live in a place where i live fall with all its details and coziness.

Most worn Sweater? 
I will insert a photo of my favorite sweaters because i love them all so i always make sure to wear a different one when i am out doing whatever. 

Must have nail polish? 
As i don't like wearing dark colors on my nails, for they are a bit long and dark colors won't look beautiful on them, i tend to apply darker shades of pink or gray. 

Jump in leaves pile or football games?
None •-• i hate being full of dirt and i hate violent sports but, i would love to step on every leaf in the street and make that annoying sound haha

Hats or scarfs? 
Scarfs :} my faves are the plaid ones 

I have different colors of these.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hip?

Fave Halloween Movie?
Halloween Town 

Boots or Uggs?
I love boots more as they give you that classy and good looking as they match more with the outfits. 
My fave pair are these; 

A secret about you that no one knows?
Hmm i don't watch horror movies alone, because i would be so scared •_• who else is like me? 

That was the tag, i hope you liked this idea and knew a bit more about Julie in Fall ❤︎ If you ever do this tag please tag me in your blog post so i can swing by, take a look and leave my comment ❤︎


Until my next gossip;,
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