Friday, 20 November 2015

Current Obsessions ❤︎

Usually i name such a post with "This month's favorites" but for this post, excuse me as i take the chance to name it as a list of my own obsessions ❤︎
Because lately i have caught myself being addicted to everything i am going to show you now. So let's start, 

Beauty and lush:

Last week i have taken a stroll to the city with my friends for some beauty shopping. First stop was at lush, 

I picked the Sacura Bath bomb it is one of the Christmas range i think. I  haven't used it yet but planning to this weekend as i need some time to relax. 

From DM "a drugstore in Germany". I picked two nail polishes from essence. 
Pastel Pink
Intensifying White 
 This one is new and really so good, one coat is enough to get the color you aim for.
Even if it is winter and gloomy outside i don't like to apply dark colors on my nails because they are a bit long and i don't think that dark colors really suit them :{ so i stick with my passion for the pastel colors. 

The schwarzkopf gliss cure shampoo is a repurchase, i have tried it last month for my hair and really was impressed with how good, shiny and more strong my hair looks i diffidently recommend it, it has natural ingredients and amazing smell. 

Books and bookmarks: 

Bookmark from MYBOOKMARK
This etsy shop has so incredible, amazing and real unusual bookmarks. They have different Disney and other characters and colors. 
I am so in love with the packaging as it says "Between the pages of the book is a lovely place to be" Also the bookmark itself is made out of strong material maybe iron, so it doesn't bend at all, which was an issue i suffered with my previous used bookmarks. 
Also, not to forget how cute the quote that is printed on it, it is a sentence from "Harry Potter" as this bookmark has the theme of Harry Potter and those legs at the end are his with a broom 

This book is something borrowed by Emily Griffen i have recently started reading it. I am blown away with the story line and the ideas behind this book. The story is all about those friendships that seem to be real while on the inside, many cracks has been made during the years which leads to serious explosions and betrayals at the end.. I totally recommend it ❤︎

Food, foood and foooood: 

There is no way an obsession post without food being included right? Haha
Recently i have been so in love with Cappuccino Caramel. It tastes like a Christmas drink so filled with caramel syrup, extra froth and yummy smell & taste. It is made for Christmas time picked it up from a food store am sure you can find it anywhere ❤︎
Also, i have been breakfasting on this oats biscuits filled with raspberry. It is so yummy and keeps me full until lunch. 
Just so you know i am not a breakfast person, so i used to struggle with what to eat and always end up grabbing chocolate biscuits or anything unhealthy :{ so these biscuits came in handy so i can have a better breakfast to start the day right. 
It is good to mention that this biscuit comes in three flavors
And coffee

This is what i have been obsessing about. 
Anything special you have been loving lately? 
Tell me in the comments.
I read, reply and appreciate them all 


Until my next gossip;,
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