Sunday, 29 November 2015

DIY: a pastel effect on your pics

I am not a professional photographer, never been and might never be, but i have this Instagram account, where i share pastel or floral pictures. 
I edit every picture myself and add my touch on its details to make it look they way it does ❤︎
If you are interested to know how i do it then just keep on reading. 

First, i would like to note that i take my pictures using my iPhone 

I started using my iPhone 5 but now as i have the iPhone 6plus i use it instead to take my pics. I don't have any professional photographer who does the job for me or even own any fancy camera like other bloggers. Because personally i believe in the power of the iPhone's camera and i just love it, and love how it is easier to use and more convenient
So don't worry if you don't have any expensive equipment, you can do anything you set your mind to if you want #girlspower 

After i take the picture or download it from we❤︎it as some of the pics i post on my Insta are not mine, i go through some editing process. I use: 

Afterlight app: i adore this app and do most of the editing on it.. 

This is how usually a picture that i take looks like. A bit dull and dark so 

First i rise up the brightness twice on Afterlight 

Then rise the exposure a little bit. NOT TOO MUCH because then the picture would loose its clearness and sharpness 

Then after the exposure you need some color so i use a bit of Saturation 
and some contrast 

Once i am done, i love to add a bit of sharpness to the picture so i raise up the sharpness tool 

Then i would be DONE 

For those lights i use Picfx app

And that is it.. Sometimes it looks like i use a lot of sophisticated ways to make my pics the way they are but the truth it is not that hard ❤︎

I hope you liked the sneak into my editing secrets
Your support means a lot for me ..


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