Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How to have Insta Feed Goals ❤︎

I am not that of a special person, neither do i have that famous Instagram account, yet many of my beloved followers always leave the words "Insta goals, theme goals, love your theme ... Etc" not to forget, that many wonder how can they make an Insta like mine ❤︎

Again, i want to emphasize that i don't have that special skill, it is just that people are so in love with how i match my pictures and how they all mix well. If you are not a follower of my Instagram you can check me here. 

Lately, i have been receiving a lot of questions on how i manage to keep a theme going. I know it is a hard work to keep your photos matching each other and all look as if they were edited at the same time. It is a whole lot of work but it is worth it " at least for me" i thought i would share with you how to start your own theme and how to keep it going to be that "Insta goals theme" 

Let's goooo

1. Pick a theme: 
whether floral, pastel, black & white, only landscapes ... Whatever you think can express your lovely heart and amazing soul go for it. You don't have to be like any other theme in order to succeed. 

2. Take loads of pictures: 
Yes and remember to try having them all with the same background or all have a matching background. So they would mix together and match each other when you take a whole view of your feed ❤︎

3. Always stay inspired: 
Go on Weheartit, Tumblr or Instagram follow people who share the same type of theme that you have. They help you always come with ideas for your photos or theme. 

4. Before hitting publish ... 
Compare the newly edited picture with the one already posted, so you would make sure that they blend well. 
Let me tell you what i do:
1. I edit the new picture
2. I open Instagram on my feed page
3. I compare the new one with my whole feed, does it go well? Or does it need more light? 
4. I post ... After some edits

5. Stay active:
After you had your theme started, everything looks amazing, the photos blend well and you are happy with your own work, don't stop there and wait for people to discover you, go follow accounts like their content and comment on their pics. This should bring traffic back to your Instagram.

Do you have a theme on your Insta? 
I hope this post helped you at least in one point. 

Really so much. Beyond happy and thankful for your amazing and continuous support. 


Until my next gossip;,
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