Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Christmas decoration ❤︎

Dear winter, hello and welcome, i am so excited to have you back along with all the warm knits, boots and most importantly CHRISTMAS ❤︎
I am so excited for this time of the year, that is why i have seized the chance of yesterday being a weekend and started decorating my room to get into the spirit of being festive.
Because you are so special for me, i thought it is a must for me to show you how did i decorate my room. 

First, i have decorated my mirror with a Santa clause sock and some fairy lights: 

Even though my room's theme is pink, white and gray still red had the chance to blend in. How cute does my mirror looks like now ❤︎ Am so in love.

Then, i decorated my bedside table: 

I have; 

A star shaped candle: it smells like candy canes ❤︎ I am sooo in love with the smell and can't wait to start burning it. 

Two silver glitter candles: those are not real candles as you don't burn them but just turn them on by a button on/off 

My initial letter J: it might not be a christmassy decoration but since it is white and so cute i couldn't not take it in the shop❤︎

A glittery board: written in it i am dreaming of a white Christmas .. Which i truly am. 

Last but not least, my all time favorite IKEA candles holder ❤︎. 
I leave you with a close up of my bedside table's stuff

Have you decorated your room yet? 
Did you like my decorations? 
I hope it is a yes ❤︎

Until my next gossip;,
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