Sunday, 8 November 2015

Stay warm but in style ❤︎

The leaves started falling of the trees, the weather is getting colder and colder, if that can mean something it would mean that winter is just round the corner ❤︎
So it is the time to pull out sweaters, cozy knits and parka coats ❤︎
In winter i find it a bit hard to stay in style and warm at the same time, but still i managed this year to create a bit of stylish looks that i am going to show you in a bit. 

First, for my Parka coat, i went for a military color. 

I wanted to think out of the box and get a color that i am not used to. Usually i pick either dark blue or black coat that i end up feeling not so happy about. Don't get me wrong i love the black and dark blue jackets but i have been getting them each year so i felt like i have nothing new in my closet. You can also get other colors like the light pink one. 
My parka coat is from: Zara

To style your coat: 

Of course in winter chunky scarves are needed, i bought these 

A pastel pink knitted one, plaid scarf "both from accessorize
An orange colored scarf, yet another plaid scarf but with different pattern. "Both are old"
They all match my jacket's color and manage to add a pop of color to my look. 
As you can see: 

You can of course, go for different colors like gray or black. But to be more stylish you always need a pop of color that matches you jacket yet add that sparkle you need ❤︎

As for what i wear under the jacket, i usually go for sweaters that not necessary match my jacket as i keep the zip up but i try as much as i can 
to go for matching colors. 

For the trousers, i have a collection of three: 

1. Black leggings: forever21 
2. Jeans: H&M 
3. Light gray velvet trousers: H&M by the way they are so cute and warm.

I find these three to match my jacket so well, the gray one add that professional look, the leggings add that relaxed and "shopping day" look, yet the jeans give that casual look you need to hang out with your friends. 

What do you think of my style? Do you like it? What parka coat color do you prefer?


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Julie ❤︎ 

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