Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Time to get personal ❤︎

For my amusment, i have been blogging for almost a year now. Mixture feelings hold inside me, between being so happy with what i have done and being so emotional to just realize how much support i have recieved from you my lovely readers ❤︎
Indeed it was a hard year but still an amazing one and i can't be more excited for what is yet to come. 
Two months ago, an idea came across my mind and nested there, so i knew that i should try and make it happen since i can't stop thinking about it. 


Okay, so let me start by explaining what blogmas are for those who don't know: 
Basically it means that i will be blogging every day, starting from 1st of December until 25th of December ❤︎. 

Every day there will be a different post,
 either a DIARY in which i share through pictures of what happened with me on that day. "What gifts i bought" "what did i get to do on my Birthday, which is 13th of December" ... Etc
Or my usual "Fashion, lifestyle or beauty related posts" 

The thing is, that every time you swing by my blog, there will be a brand new post waiting for you. And i guarantee that it will put you in the festive mood i promise ... 

It is a hard decision, as i don't know if you will like this idea or not. It is a challenge to post daily but i am so honored to be a part of it and see what things i can do ..
Do you like this idea? 

To be able to check my posts daily you can: 
1. Download my blog bookmark (check here to know how)
2. Follow me on bloglovin'
3. Follow me on google plus
Any platform you choose will be keeping you notified when a new post is published... 

A huge thanks to "Taschenkalender" for letting me personalize my very own calendar ❤︎ I now rely on it in organizing my posts and life. 

I have personalized every detail in this calendar, the colors, the font, the cover EVERYTHING 
You can also personalize your own 
enjoy creating something of your own ❤︎


Until my next gossip;,
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