Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015. Before you leave, listen to me

Words fail to describe what i have feelings for you. You have been a nice year, or wait .. A hectic, emotional and a year of CHANGE. 
Many things have happened, i have changed a lot, my thoughts, my feelings and basically everything in me, that i have never thought i would be able to change. 
Indeed, you weren't an easy year. Much downs there were, but some ups kicked in, to make you a year to remember ...
Still, i am in shock from what things have you revealed for me. People whom i have never thought i would be able to live without, turned out to be the ones who left the first round the corner.
I am thankful for every change that has happened to me, to every person who left my life because now it is way better. Without them. 
I am thankful, for every moment i cried, for every moment i felt i couldn't go one more. Because right then, and before i gave up. A miracle happened ... 
I am speechless, and no amount of words can describe the amount of feelings i have. But, do you know what 2015? I want to thank you, to thank you for making many things possible, for making me stronger, for making me leave my comfort zone to experience what is called a magical life. 
Thank you for everything. Be sure, i only hold dear and happy feelings, for every sad and amazing moment you allowed me to experience. 

You 2016, i don't want to tell you what i want to do. I don't want to list for you my dreams and wishes. I am going to ask for you, to just be good. And allow me, please to do what i came to do. 

To be who i want to be. 
Thank you in advance. 

This was my words for this year, i really hope that all of us will experience better moments and much happiness in the upcoming year. 
May 2016 be the year, we all say we are no soooo happy, to the extreme

Your all time girl,

Until my next gossip; 
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