Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BLOGMAS .1: Hello December

Hello December, finally my favorite month is here, finally my Blogmas have started and finally only a few days are left until my Birthday ❤︎
However, what makes me even more excited for this day, is that it's my MOM's birthday wooo

Today i wore this cozy knit, from H&M it is quite an old one but still my fave 
Grey leggings from Forever21 
And left my hair to its natural shape no chemicals added, nor it is straightened. I rarely do that but since it is too windy here lately and rainy i had no choice but to leave it the way it is. 

As it is the first of December i have opened the first door of my Advent Calendar .. 
My advent calendar if you are wondering is just a normal chocolate one. Nothing too fancy because i am just a typical girl who sticks to her childhood traditions and doesn't get anything extra special "aka those beauty or jewelry advent calendars" 

I love my calendar it looks so festive ... 

Here is the first chocolate that popped out if door no.1 it has a candle on it.
It tasted yummy and looked cute. I love candles they always give me that feeling of hope that things always will be better sometime sooner or later ❤︎

That is it for today, i don't have that interesting day as i will be spending it with my mom since it is her birthday, i will go out with her for a mother daughter time off the internet ❤︎ But i promise that tomorrow would have more interesting things for you to read and see. 

i really have amazing posts planned for you to make you feel festive.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a brand new post. 

I love you loads, 
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it is only; 


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