Sunday, 13 December 2015

BLOGMAS .13: The Birthday Girl

It is my Birthday today ❤︎ I am officially a 23 years old girl. 
I don't know if i still am ready for a new year? Or even a new chapter of the book of life?
But aside from those deep thoughts i am so happy to be celebrating my Birthday. It is always so special as it comes before Christmas in a while, so i get spoilt twice in this month yaaay 

Today i am going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday along with my boyfriend ❤︎
Am so ready for some fun times, i really need a break from life's stressing moments, and just take the time to be present and enjoy things the way they are .. 

I have opened door 13 of my Advent Calendar today, 

I have got a little house ❤︎. I am sorry that today's post is too short but i am so jammed with amazing messages, phone calls and posts everywhere so i want to take the time to appreciate everyone and let them know how much i truly appreciate their love, 
But i will be back tomorrow with an exciting, Christmas post 

if you have missed yesterday's post here it is 

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