Wednesday, 16 December 2015

BLOGMAS .16: Imperfect World ❤︎

I know this post has nothing to do with the Christmas Spirit, but i just felt it is nessecary to share a bit of reality behind the amazing pictures you see on my Blog or Instagram

It is good to remind each other, that the grass isn't always green on our side as well. 

For example the photo you have seen in the beginning of this post, it took me 1627380 of shots to be able to perfect the dress, to have a nice smile and not share a bit of the acne i have. But when you see the edited version, it won't show any of my work, it will just show how beautiful things are complementing each other.
Behind every item a blogger get sent to review, are a two days of hard work. Taking pictures, editing and then posting about it on social media.
I am not complaining, being a blogger is one of my most favorite hobby that i want to keep on persuing and developing through my life on earth, but .. I just don't want to be missunderstood as that girl who has it all perfect and well managed.

When you see a picture of my coffee and book, 

Know that to perfect this picture, my coffee had to turn into a cold iced one, and my book might have had some coffee spelt on while i was paying attention to other details in the picture.
So don't judge someone before you know their behind the scenes. And never compare yourself with someone esle, because you too have aperfect life through the eyes of those who look at you from the outside. 

I don't know why i am writing this post, but it just hit me to share a bit of how things aren't always perfect as they seem to be.. 
No matter what i am always thankful and feel blessed to have all the things that i call mine ❤︎

For my advent calendar:

Door 15 had a musical instrument inside ❤︎ Do you play music?  

With LOVE; 
Julie ❤︎

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it is ONLY; 

days until CHRISTMAS.

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