Thursday, 17 December 2015

BLOGMAS. 17: Christmas Market ❤︎

Yesterday, i have took the chance of being free and dropped by my city's Christmas Market. 
If you don't know, i live in Munich / Germany. so at least for me, my town's Christmas Market is the best ❤︎ I love the atmosphere, the laughter i hear when am there and the joy i feel inside seeing everyone happy and festive. 

Every time i drop into town, it would be so late so no chance for any good pictures :{ but this time around, i have gone earlier a bit just to take a couple of pictures that i can share with you.

Our Christmas Market, like any other Christmas markets is always, always stuffed with many people and the chance to get a good picture is the hardest task one can have :/ but, i think i have managed to survive and take some decent shareable pics ❤︎

This photo was taken in the Marienplatz, the main center of Munich ❤︎ It is rarely that you can walk here without being squashed by people 

Here is a shot from under the Marien's tree, behind it is the Municipality's building.
The story behind the picture is this: i had to stand under the lit tree, which everyone was taking a picture of. Bend my back as much as i can so i would fit the tree with a bit of the municipality's building, i could see people staring and murmuring what is going on? Haha and i just didn't took my picture and left without taking my eyes of the ground ¥-¥ 

Ahhh the things we make for a good picture, but you know what? It is always worth it no matter how humiliated you might be. Who cares about what people think .. This is a life learnt lesson ...
Never care. 

In my advent calendar, i have got a little lovely car; 

Do you go to your town's Christmas Market? 
Tell me ❤︎

With LOVE; 
Julie ❤︎

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